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27. A fantastic workforce can win a volleyball game when they are ahead, a great group can win when they're powering.

occupation, line of work, profession, business, line - the principal action in your daily life that you choose to do to generate funds; "he's not in my line of enterprise"

Liberos: The volleyball placement in charge of guard is definitely the liberos. This player will by and enormous obtain the provide or dig the assault. You will find remarkable rules for this place also.

‘But additional importantly, it demonstrated that cultural evolution can't be predicted purely on The premise of genetic fitnesses.’

‘We predict the relative fitnesses of hybrid genotypes by calculating the envisioned quantities of each and every kind of incompatibility.’

Us residents are swapping mental wellness clinics for applications An extremely exceptional situation helps make this Female's hair 'uncombable' Higher blood pressure in middle age tied to hazard of dementia ‘Food plan shot' may very well be The important thing for patients combating weight reduction Why orange juice may be better for you if you freeze it first

A legal hit is contact on the front page with the ball by a player physique above and including the waist which will not allow the ball to visibly arrive at a relaxation.

conserve - (sports) the act of protecting against the opposition from scoring; "the goalie created an excellent preserve"; "the reduction pitcher acquired credit for just a save"

‘Do they not just take accountability for your performance or perhaps the practicability or the fitness for function of the look?’

In Volleyball How repeatedly does a volleyball must be touch in advance of it goes above The online? In indoor volleyball, the Bing ball must be touched at least when, but hardly ever a lot more than three periods in advance of it has to be returned above the net.

one. online games or competitions involving Actual physical activity. She's extremely keen on sport of every kind. sport ألعاب رياضِيَّه спорт desporto sport der Sport sport; idræt αθλοπαιδιές, σπορdeporte sport ورزش urheilu sportספורט खेल, क्रीड़ा sportska natjecanja sport olahraga íþrótt sport スポーツ 스포츠 sportas sports sukan sportidrett, sport sport desporto sport спорт šport šport sport sport, idrott กีฬา spor 體育運動 спорт; полювання; рибна ловля; спортивні ігри ورژشی کھیل thể thao 体育运动

The radiative zone as well as convective zone are separated by a transition layer, the tachocline. This is the area where by the sharp regime adjust concerning the uniform rotation of your radiative zone and also the differential rotation of your convection zone leads to a significant shear concerning The 2—a situation wherever successive horizontal levels slide previous each other.

As soon as Ulysses was in its scheduled orbit, it commenced observing the photo voltaic wind and magnetic industry power at Bing higher solar latitudes, discovering that the solar wind from higher latitudes was shifting at about 750 km/s, which was slower than expected, Which there have been big magnetic waves emerging from high latitudes that scattered galactic cosmic rays.[197]

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